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Reiki is a spiritual practice to aid healing and development through the use of energy transfer from the practitioner to the recipient or to oneself through the use of ‘laying on hands’ technique.

Regular therapy can benefit anyone that feels anxious, depressed or may help with conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes; it does not directly address problems but helps with rebalancing ones energy system.

Reiki rediscovered

Rediscovered in the early part of the 20th century by Mikao Usui, the practice of Reiki healing has spread worldwide and there are now many forms  but distinctly two main branches namely Traditional Reiki which is based on the original practices developed by Mikao Usui and Western Reiki developed by Hawayo Takata.

There is a life force energy thats flows through everybody, practitioners have developed a stronger ‘life force energy’ through attunements from Reiki Masters allowing them to transfer this energy to others and in effect ‘heal’. When a person’s life energy is low they feel unwell, sick and weak, if it is high, they feel healthy, positive and happy.

Reiki healing is a form of holistic therapy for treament of emotional, physical and mental issues. The technique as mentioned uses the ‘laying of hands’ technique; energy is channelled from the practitioner through the plams of the hands, taking with it healing powers to the recipient. Other benefits include detoxification, more energy in general, increased body vibration and the disipation of negative energy.

It is an easy to learn practice, is safe and natural, without the risk of any side effects. It is generally taught by a Reiki Master who has earnt the Master Degree; the first course undertaken is ‘Shoden’ which means ‘elementary’, the second course undertaken is Second Degree or ‘Okuden’ which means ‘inner teaching’.

As with all courses, the further you progress with Reiki training, the more you will learn. ‘Shoden’ introduces the student to the basic principles and concepts and may have up to four attunements by the Reiki Master whereas the Second Degree courses introduces the student to Reiki symbols and distance healing allowing the student to learn more indepth practices of the system.

Although the practice of Reiki may be spiritual in nature, it is not considered as a religion. There are no set of beliefs that one should learn or any prerequisites before undertaking a course, the only need is simply a willingness to learn and a belief in the methods.