There is a plethora of content describing the would-be benefits of Reiki and Reiki healing. Many individuals claim that Reiki helped them recover from ailments, sometimes even fatal diseases. On the flip side, medical science has not endorsed or repudiated Reiki or benefits of Reiki. Likewise, Reiki has been facing huge amount of criticism since its commencement. Therefore, it is recommended that Reiki should be used only to compliment your normal medical treatment instead of considering it an alternative to medicinal treatment. It is also advisable to consult a qualified health practitioner before taking Reiki.

Let us have a look at the potential key benefits of Reiki:

• As Reiki is a natural process, thus it does not have any side effects.

• Reiki is considered safe and effective not only for humans of every age but also for pets.

• The foremost benefit of Reiki is considered to be healing from diseases. These include even those diseases for which medical science has not yet succeeded in finding an effective cure. Reiki triggers human body’s natural healing ability besides improving and maintaining good health.

• Reiki is also used for stress reduction and relaxation. As it is a spiritual phenomenon which balances your off-balanced life energies (i.e. life force energy), therefore it brings calmness and releases tension. It helps reduce distress or sorrow in case of a loss.

• Some believe Reiki to be a cure for insomnia as well. As it reduces stress, therefore it can aid better sleep.

• Human body produces certain toxins which can be hazardous to health, Reiki can assist the body in cleansing itself from such toxins.

• Reiki is also supportive to human’s circulatory system and is also considered beneficial for individuals with high blood pressure.

• It has also been used as a breaking of several addictions e.g. drug addiction, alcohol addiction etc.

• It relieves pain caused by an illness or injury and also supports body’s immune system, which is actually the defence mechanism against diseases.

• It is helpful in eliminating or reducing the side effects of drugs for those who have been under a drug therapy for a long time, possibly after chemotherapy or surgery.

• Though Reiki is not constrained by any particular religion or belief, yet it can help spiritual growth as well as emotional clearing. People believe they feel closer to God after practicing Reiki.

• Reiki can be performed anywhere, anytime and does not necessitate a specific atmosphere.

• It can complement a standard medical treatment.

• It is useful for the duration of pregnancy, labour, and delivery.

• It is helpful for those who have disorders in their digestion system.

• Reiki can also promote creativity as it can assist in achieving focus.

• It can focus on a specific affected area or the whole body.

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