In the daily hectic lives we lead, the one thing we probably neglect the most is our health. As a result of this self neglect we are all too often faced with health issues due to the stress and anxiety we face in our lives. It is possible however to eradicate these issues and heal yourself with Reiki. Regular Reiki sessions can heal all kinds of spiritual, mental, physical and emotional issues. Some of the benefits include:-

· Relaxation and the release of tensions and stress

· Triggers the healing process within our body

· Aids sleep

· Reduces blood pressure

· Aids emotional cleansing and spiritual growth

· Supports and sustains your immune system

· Allows a greater flow of energy and removes blockages,  thus allowing the body to rebalance

· Helps with fight chronic issues, acute injuries and addiction

Regular sessions will restore the general conditions of your body and opens up your energy channels allowing the energy to flow and thus the body to heal. This also allows your body to deal with toxins and stress naturally, helping you to deal with related problems.

The benefits and effects of Reiki can be reinforced if used in conjunction with other natural therapies such as meditation, aromatherapy, crystals therapies, etc. Reiki is considered as complementary care. There are many Reiki practitioners who can enhance the effect of health care that patients receive in hospitals. For energy healing Melbourne Reiki experts can help men, women and children lead healthier and more fulfilled life. Reiki can also works with plants and animals.


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