Healing crystals are used in a pseudoscientific alternative medicine technique known as Crystal Healing. Fundamentally, it is a form of healing that employs several gemstones and crystals, on different parts of body, as healing tools.

The purpose behind the process is to direct the flow of energy to a particular part of the body in order to bring balance to a person’s energy. The founder or origin of crystal healing is unknown but this practice has been around since the ancient times.

Crystal Placement

Healing crystals are mainly placed on specific parts of the body known as “Chakras” to create an “Energy Grid”. Chakra is a Hindu term which literally means “turning” or “wheel”. The basic concept of Chakra is that there are seven “force centres” or “energy centres” in the human body. It is believed that there are seven energy centres, each having a specific colour associated with it, in humans. Some crystal healers place the same colour crystal as associated with chakra to enhance the energy flow.

Healing crystals are said to direct the flow of energy to particular Chakra or part of body and balance the energy. Furthermore, cleansing the negative energy boosts the process of healing from different ailments. Healing crystals can be used to cure emotional, spiritual, mental as well as physical issues.


Professional crystal healers divulge that Crystals are nothing but tools that can be utilized for healing. They need to be cleared, cleaned and programmed with the “Thought Energy” before they can be used. Crystals are usually cleaned with warm water and a new tooth brush. A crystal is programmed by holding it in the hand, then looking at it and thinking what one wishes to occur. If the recipient is going to wear the crystal in encased in metal, the metal i.e. gold or silver, should be chosen according to the nature of crystal and ailment.

There are professional “Crystal Healers”, while some nurses are also trained for crystal healing. Healing crystals are usually worn by the recipient, however, they can also be kept in pocket, next to patient’s bed or even in the bath.

Most of the people believe that only clear quartz crystal is used as healing crystal. Though it is one of the most versatile and useful crystals, there is not a single all-powerful crystal that can heal every single ailment. Rather, there are several crystals and gems used for healing.

Crystal healers claim that healing crystals have a lot to offer when it comes to healing but there is no scientific evidence to prove their claim. In fact, scientific world has brushed off all the testimonials, of people claiming to be cured with healing crystals, believing their statements to be placebo effect, wishful thinking or cognitive bias. Crystal healing has also been tried on pets but again its results are not backed up by the medical world. Religious scholars have also criticised crystal healing. There are no known side effects of healing crystals, yet relying solely on them and not opting for proper medical treatment can infuriate the ailment.

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