Learning Reiki is quite simple as it does not need any particular background, knowledge or intellectual capacity. Therefore, anyone can learn Reiki and can become a Reiki practitioner. Reiki attunement is the process through which one can become a Reiki practitioner. Only a Reiki Master can give attunements.

Levels of Reiki Attunement

There are three levels of attunements. With each attunement, the person is introduced to higher levels of healing and understanding the “Universal Spirituality”. The first degree attunement allows the student’s energy to flow out of his hands to heal himself or others. At the second degree, the student learns several sacred symbols and therefore can send Reiki healing over time and distance in order to cure mental and emotional issues. The third degree, also known as “master level”, makes the student a Reiki master. Now he can control the symbols and even attune others.

How it Works

The process of Reiki attunement is quite different from learning process of any other healing technique. It is simply transferred from the Reiki master to the student during a session. The attunement process opens three important chakras including crown, heart and palm chakras. Then the Reiki master creates certain energy patterns around his/her students which enter them through the opened chakras. This process also creates a superior bond between the Reiki source and the student. People have reported mystical experiences during a Reiki attunement such as outlandish visions, implausible healings etc.

After Effects and Prerequisites

Another important aspect regarding Reiki attunement is the enhancement in psychic sensitivity of the student. After receiving Reiki attunement, people have recounted amplified instinctive cognizance, opening of a third eye and other amazing psychic activities. Reiki attunement is a permanent learning method and once received it cannot be lost or forgotten.

Before receiving a Reiki attunement, students are advised to do certain things to cleanse themselves. These include refraining from smoking, eating meat, fish, fowl, sweets or other heavy meals and taking caffeine or alcoholic drinks for at least three days prior to the attunement day. They are also advised to spend more time with nature quietly and stay away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Some modern schools and teachers offer a blend of Mikao Usui’s system and an exclusive Tibetan technique. The reason behind this is that it is believed that Reiki originated in Tibet and thus using Tibetan techniques helps the students create a strong bond with origins of Reiki.

Cost of Reiki Attunement

Reiki attunement is very costly and as a tradition, it costs $10,000. The reason behind this is said to be that Mrs Takata, who introduced Reiki in the Western hemisphere, did it with the intent to force people to respect Reiki. She believed that western people might not respect Reiki the way it was respected in Japan. Therefore, she encouraged Reiki masters to charge their Western students a handsome fee so that they would honour it. However, many centres and teacher offer Reiki attunement at much lower prices.

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