Reiki – The Power of Healing

Reiki is based on a simple methodology; the body has 24 points or chakras, these chakras need to be given energy regularly; this energy is transferred through the hands of the practitioner. The hand is kept over these points for a period of time which ensures adequate energy flow is transferring from the giver to the receiver. While this is happening, these points and the practitioners hands may become warm, and the recipient may feel positive energy within him. Reiki can be administered to many living forms such as plants, animals but is mainly given to people to aid healing.

Effects of Reiki Treatment:

1. Helps release emotional stress: Reiki will release pent up emotions which we may not even be aware of. During treatment, some people may start to cry, feel angry or just smiling, different people will experience different effects but ultimately the effects will be positive.

2. Increased energy levels: People that receive Reiki may feel a spurt of positive energy from within. The person will feel more energised which in turn will make him/her more positive towards himself and other people.

3. Helps heal illness at a primary level:  Sessions may be given to heal colds, fever, bad stomach (IBS), Pre-menstrual symptoms, insect bites, etc.  It works well for small babies and children, as they are naturally full of positive energy. A person should not solely depend on Reiki for treatment and should be used alongside professional advice or treatment.

Apart from the treatments mentioned above, there are also various small purposes for which people will benefit from a  Reiki treatment:

1. Giving Reiki to the plants so that they develop well.

3. Giving Reiki to the pets so that they are calm, healthy and happy.

4. Giving Reiki to oneself before an exam allowing you to perform well.

5. Giving Reiki to a pimple which has come up just before a big event.

As with most things in this world, Reiki should be experienced to be understood and appreciated.

Benefits of Reiki

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Blue Sky Meditation

This meditation is particularly useful when worried or overrun with lots of different thoughts or questions.

  • Close your eyes and begin to breathe in gently through your nose, filling up your lungs, and then exhaling through your mouth, expelling all the breath in your body.  Take a few deep breaths and then continue, more gently, in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Focus completely on your breath, letting go of all other thoughts.
  • Imagine a beautiful blue sky.
  • If a thought appears, imagine it as a white cloud, and as you exhale, gently blow the cloud away, leaving a beautiful blue sky.
  • Continue to focus on the blue sky, gently blowing away any new thoughts, feelings or clouds that may appear.
  • If you are finding this difficult, imagine a warm sun in the sky, feel the suns warmth.  Let go and feel the sun warm you, and ultimately relaxing you.
  • Continue to relax and let go, enjoying complete serenity.
  • When you feel ready, invite one of the clouds into the blue sky.  Focus on this one thought and allow yourself to deal with it in isolation.
  • When ready, continue, dealing with each of your thoughts or issues one by one.  At any time you may choose to gently blow away any thoughts you do not wish to focus on and just enjoy the peace and the calm of the blue sky or choose to look at a different thought.


Reiki, Massage and Hot Stone Therapy

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress, aid relaxation and promote healing. Reiki is based on an unseen “life force energy” that flows in every human. It helps treat body, mind, soul and emotions. Reiki is very easy to learn and teach as well. The main requirement is a belief in the system itself.

There are three levels of Reiki, these are known as First, Second and Master or Teacher Degree.

In the First Level of Reiki, a Reiki learner can heal himself and others. At this level, you will learn the basics of Reiki including how Reiki works, history, knowledge of the chakras, how to feel the energy and more. In the Second Level a learner learns about distance healing using symbols. In Master level or Teacher level, one can teach and attune Reiki to other practitioners.

Massage Work Shops

In massage workshops you will get comprehensive and professional training to enhance your career as masseur. You will get both practical training integrated with massage theory classes. In a massage workshop, you can learn all about physiology, an explanation of which techniques one should use in a different situations such as pain, injury prevention or rehabilitation.

Natural Face Lift

A natural face lift is the best type of facial rejuvenation without undergoing surgery. It is also referred to as a natural face lift massage that involves a series of massage techniques. This treatment helps to improve the complexion of the skin, removes toxins from the face, reduces the appearance of  wrinkles and age spots. The massage is performed using hand and finger manipulation. It reduces expression lines, wrinkles and increases blood circulation.

Hot Stone Therapy – To Relieve Stress and Tension

Hot Stone Therapy is a type of massage whereby smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on key points of the body. In the hot stone therapy, stones are placed at specific points on the back, between the toes or in the palms of your hands. Hot Stone therapy has grown in popularity over the past few years. In this therapy, smooth and heated basalt stones are used to ease stress and tension.

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5 Tips for Better Sleep

The following are 5 tips that people can follow in order to get better sleep:

1. You are what you eat

There is an old adage that states that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Living this dietary lifestyle will give you more energy and generate better sleep patterns. Eating a large and heavy meal towards the end of the day make your intestines work and thus making sleep more difficult.

It is advisable to avoid fatty foods that disagree with our digestive system, also avoid acidic or spicy foods late in the day as these will bring on heartburn and upset stomach. Some people like a snack very late on in the day, if this is you, stick to dairy foods and complex carbs but consume them no more than an hour before going to bed. Some suggestions for late night eaters are a bowl of cereal with milk, granola with yogurt, banana or crackers and cheese.

2. Cut down on coffee and black tea late in the day

Many people need a good strong cup of coffee in the morning, this can kick start our metabolism in preparation for the coming day. As the day progresses, it is advisable to avoid caffeine based beverages. Caffeine remains in our system for up to 5 hours after consumption and can cause our sleep to be disrupted. In addition to beverages, some medications and weight loss products can contain caffeine.

3. Exercise will improve your overall body and mind

Studies have proved that regular and consistent exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. People who exercise or perform other forms of physical activity tend to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper and the health benefits of this are excellent. It is important not to intensely  exercise 3 to 4 hours before a nights sleep. It is a good idea to practice gentle exercise such as yoga or tai chi before bedtime as they allow you to wind down and relax.

4. Keep pets off the bed

Many pet owners who allow their pet onto the bed confessed that their sleep was negatively impacted. Pets tend to move around at night, thus preventing us from a good nights of sleep. Adding insult to injury, pets can have fleas, ticks, dander and/or pollen, causing sneezing and nasal congestion.

5. Develop a pre-sleep routine

Many people struggle to wind down and clear their mind of the days thoughts. It is important to close the day with much needed rest and relaxation. Creating a pre-sleep routine that can be performed every evening approximately hour before going to bed can help. The following are some suggestions that can get a person started:

If you have any worries, place them into list and develop a plan to deal with them the next day
Take a warm bath or shower, use sleep-inducing soap scents like chamomile or lavender
Read a book with in a low light, or listen to an audio version of the book
Listen to calming, meditation or Reiki music


Reiki Training – The Best Reiki Courses

More and more people are considering Reiki training possibly more now than ever before and looking into the availability of Reiki courses. There is also an increase in interest levels from of physicians, nurses and other medical practitioners. There is obviously and emerging trend and the attestation of the benefits is increasing every day.

While the healing medical benefits are important, the practice also increases the emotional bond between doctor and patient from the perspective of acknowledging what each are faced with, many people find the gentle, helpful experience very compelling.

Realisation and subsequently acknowledgment of the options for dealing with the issues or ailments, which may well be a combination of conventional and natural therapies, is educating patients and medical practitioners with a resolution in most cases. This is one of the reasons why the numbers of people participating in Reiki training has increased, whether that training is done locally with a Reiki Master present or done online at one of the many Reiki training websites.

It is important to do your research into the availability of training, both locally and online and determine which is the best path for you and which fits beat into your lifestyle. It should be borne in mind that although there are different styles of Reiki, there is currently no official governing body.

Some important factors to consider when doing your research are the Reiki Master, the person who provides the training. The more qualified the teacher, then possibly the more experience they will have and ultimately the more effective the class. Does the teacher provide all the three levels of Reiki? This is important if you intend to progress through the levels, the relationship that you build with your teacher will be maintained and can only further enhance the whole Reiki training experience.


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