Reiki music, specifically used in Reiki sessions should have a calming and relaxing effect, ultimately creating a sense of peace and calm and allowing the body to heal.

It should help the minds transition into a meditative state and allow the recipient of the Reiki treatment, or person listening to the Reiki music to slowly drift away into a deep and relaxed meditative state.

Reiki music should not contain heavy ‘basey’ beats, or strong or loud vocals; it also should avoid sharp pitch changes, as these music traits can disrupt the Reiki treatment, relaxation or flow.

Recipients of a Reiki treatment can reflect on the treatment after the treatment has finished and before their next Reiki session; reflection on a previously received Reiki treatment will further enhance the experience and allow the Reiki energy to flow continually for greater healing.

Reiki music is a powerful and relaxing medium, it creates a soothing and stimulating sensation to all who listen to it. It is used for people suffering from anxiety and panic or people who suffer from nervous health issues.

Reiki music is not only affective for the human mind and body but also for animals. Animals also suffer from stress, anxiety, panic and thus can benefit from the power of Reiki music and Reiki treatments.

Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma Brainwaves

Meditation Music