Since its inception, there has been a wide-ranging inquisitiveness about Reiki Healing. One can find several different declarations and claims regarding this healing process. However, the expansion and development in Reiki community has assisted to decipher the cloak of mystery which had surrounded Reiki, especially in the West. Therefore, many associated imprecisions are now peeled off layer by layer. Interestingly, some Reiki myths are still on the rise.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is actually a Japanese healing system and in its simplest form the practitioner places their hands on the recipient with intent to heal them, and to let the Reiki energy flow evenly.

Reiki healing is quite different from healing through the modern medical treatment. Reiki practitioners believe that Reiki healing is not just the removal of symptoms, but it is to regain unity with divine harmony and returning to a state of synchronisation with your “Higher Self”. The reason behind this is believed to be that Reiki balances the human energy fields, known as Auras, and energy centers, known as Chakras. This balance helps achieve spiritual, mental, emotional as well as physical relaxation besides boosting healing process.

Use of hand positions

There also exists a collection of hand positions conventionally taught which usually covers the recipient’s entire body when undergoing a healing session. However, it is not compulsory to follow these particular positions as they are purely taught as a starting point for a learner. Furthermore, if there is a specific affected area, the practitioner will focus on the affected area of the body as opposed to rest of the body.

Reiki Protocol

Some experts have correlated Reiki healing to traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic, as their basic concepts of healing are quite similar. The person opting for Reiki healing will be asked to lay down on a couch, bed or a massage table after taking off his shoes. Loose-fitting clothes and natural fabrics i.e. linen, wool, cotton etc. are advised. The person has to remove his jewellery before the session. Some Reiki practitioners create a soothing environment with the help of dim lights and slow music while others prefer quietness.

Reiki was done clandestinely in the past, so another question people usually ask that if it can actually cure major ailments then what was the point of keeping it secret. So the effectiveness of Reiki is still pretty much questionable. However, there are many people who claim they received great results from Reiki healing. Therefore, it is advisable to seek a qualified doctor’s advice before opting for Reiki.

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