Reiki therapy is one of the most pleasant and gentle ways that people can start to heal and can be used to complement any professional medical treatment given (Reiki should never be used as a replacement for professional medical advice). There are many benefits to this Japanese method of healing:-

Firstly, it helps with the reduction in stress and anxiety levels. The Reiki system allows the recipient to enter a deep state of relaxation and thus the healing process to begin. Many of the health issues that people suffer with today derive from psychological stress from the current and the past events. The therapy acts on positive energy transferred to the recipient by the Reiki Master. Even if the recipient blocks the positive energy they would not receive any negative effects or side effects.

This type of therapy can even be given to anyone regardless of their beliefs and faiths although a belief in the Reiki system is necessary. Religion does not have any effect on the methods of Reiki in any way.

The healing session begins with creating a relaxed ambience where the recipient can relax. It is important that they are completely relaxed and  comfortable before start of the session. The therapist would then open their aura and position their hands (laying on hands technique) paying particular attention to the affected area.

The Reiki treatment and healing process depends on the area of the body where the patient requires treatment. The hand placement may stay on one specific area for the entire session or in different places around the body for long as it takes for the energies to transfer through to the chakras.

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