Reiki training, especially outside Japan, is actually a three-step process to teach Reiki effectively. These three levels are First Degree Reiki, Second Degree Reiki and Third Degree Reiki or Master Training. Reiki training can be offered at Reiki schools, healing arts centres or even through a Reiki Master’s private tutoring. So, the costs of training may vary considerably. Before going into the details of these three levels, let us have a look at the prerequisites for Reiki training.

Prerequisites for Reiki Training

There are no hard and fast rules regarding prerequisites for Reiki training, however, some ethical ideals are deemed necessary. Most of the Reiki masters ask their students to come with an open mind and open heart. Furthermore, the students are required to respect the Reiki healing process, their clients, the techniques involved and Reiki tradition.

First Degree Reiki

First degree Reiki is also called Reiki Level I or simply Reiki I. In Japanese, first degree Reiki is known as ‘Shoden’ which literally means Entry/Elementary Teachings. This is the basic degree or level in which a student learns to heal himself as well as others. Students learn the basic hand placement positions and given several ‘Reiki attunements’. However, it is not mandatory to follow these hand positions as they are merely to get a start. In addition, the key concepts, assertions of the founder and the principles regarding Reiki are imparted.
The duration of first degree Reiki depends on the Reiki Master. Usually, there are four sessions which may continue for several days or sometimes there would be two sessions over two days. First degree Reiki training is generally offered in a weekend format. Reiki training is rather costly but Level I and Level II are less pricey. The price varies depending upon the school and/or instructor. First degree Reiki may cost around $100 to $150.

Second Degree Reiki

Second degree Reiki is also termed as Reiki Level II or Reiki II. The Japanese name of second degree Reiki is Okuden which literally means ‘Inner Teachings’. The student is educated several sacred Reiki symbols, which are believed to form a connection between the Reiki practitioner and the patient/recipient regardless of time and location. At this stage, the practitioners can Reiki the recipient remotely i.e. distant healing. One, two or even three new attunements can be given to the student, which are believed to enhance his capabilities.
In Japan, under Mikao Usui’s (the founder of Reiki) tutorship, majority of the students attained second degree after 10 and sometimes even 20 years. Most of them, never reached the third degree. Just like Level I, Level II is also taught in a weekend format but may cost $150 to $500 depending upon the school and/or instructor. In original Japanese Reiki, second level is not taught until the student exhibits certain skills. However, it is believed that traditionally, it was offered right after Level I.

Third Degree Reiki

Third degree Reiki is also titled as Level III, Reiki Master, Gokuikaiden (highest level), Reiki Teacher, or Reiki III. The Japanese name for third degree is Shinpiden which means ‘Mystery Teachings’. At this stage the student becomes a Master and can teach and attune others besides healing them. In west, it is offered as a single step while in Japan it is segregated into two distinct steps: Advanced Reiki Training or the Practitioner Level and Reiki Master.
Level III is typically arranged with the Master on a one-on-one basis as it is more wide-ranging as compared to the two basic levels. It is also much more expensive and can cost up to $10,000. This price is regarded as a tradition, yet many Masters have broken away from it and charge as less as $350.It is not evident whether Mr. Unsui charged his pupils or not. However, the society founded in his honour charges around $90 for admission, and $15 for every single monthly meeting.

Owing to the nature of Reiki and the way it propagated, one can find several variations in Reiki training as well as in the three degrees or Reiki mentioned above.

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