Distance healing or distant healing has the same concept as distant learning. The healer and the recipient might be in different cities, different countries or even different continents during the course of healing. Reiki also allows distance healing. Speaking generally, Reiki distance healing is the process through which Reiki can be sent over distance or time.

Reiki distance healing is also called Reiki Absent Healing or Reiki Distant Healing. To understand how it works, let us discuss the basic concept behind this process.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art established in 1922. Initially, physical presence was deemed necessary for Reiki Healing, however, with further experimentation and developments, it has been found that sending Reiki over distance is as beneficial as a hands-on session.

The basic teachings of Reiki tell that humans, animals and all the other things around us are more than just their physical bodies. For instance, humans have an energy body in addition to their physical body.

Like the physical body needs food for its nourishment, the energy body needs energy. The energy fields absorb this energy, chakras (which are force centres or energy centres) break it down and finally meridians dole it out among different parts of the body.

Why use Reiki distance healing?

Reiki distance healing is believed to be a great option for those who cannot spare enough time for a hands-on session with a Reiki master in person. With the help of distance healing, Reiki can be sent to them while they are working, driving or even sleeping. Reiki practitioners claim that it has instant effect, just like receiving Reiki in person. The Reiki practitioners claim that as energy can be sent anywhere, they can ‘feed’ the energy body without being physically present.

Reiki distance healing energy can also be sent over time i.e. to a past or future event. For example if a person suffered from a trauma in his childhood which is still affecting him in his adulthood, Reiki can be sent back in time to relieve him. By the same token, Reiki can be sent to an upcoming event, such as a competition, exam, a challenging business meeting or any problematic situation, in order to get the desired results.

Only a Reiki Practitioner or Master can send Reiki over distance or time. To do this, first he empowers his hands as well as chakras with the “Power Symbol”. After this he gives Reiki to himself for a few minutes. Then he visualises distance healing symbol and calls its name thrice. Then he visualizes the recipient and sends Reiki to him. The duration for sending Reiki can be different depending upon what level of Reiki is to be sent i.e. physical, spiritual, mental or emotional level of being.

Then the practitioner has to let the recipient take rest, and do Kenyoku (dry bathing) to disconnect from him. Again the practitioner visualizes the power symbol to seal the session. Then he sends Reiki to himself again for a while. Usually, the practitioners contact their recipients afterwards, and ask them about what they felt during the session.