Chakra derives from the Sanskrit term meaning ‘spinning wheel’. They are not physical elements and thus can’t be seen. Chakras are energy centres that exist in the spine and the position of the seven chakras are determined by the nadis. Chakras are the point at which the nadis meet.

There exists three main nadis around the spine:-

Sushunma- The Sushunma runs through the centre of the spine from the base to the brain. Keeping the Sushunma clear allows the maximum amount of energy to flow through the body.

Ida- The Ida runs through the left side of spine and is connected to the left nostril

Pingala – The Pingala runs through the right side of the spine and is connected to the right nostril

Each of the seven chakras corresponds to a specific area of the body, behavioural characteristics and different stages of spiritual growth. Practicing yoga, meditation or Reiki Healing and the different techniques associated with these forms allows the practitioner to focus energies during different postures and can help align or rebalance the chakras and thus get the different wheels spinning in the same direction and same speed.

The rebalancing or realignment of the Chakras through the practice of yoga and meditation can help bring Nadis and Chakrasbalance, peace and health to your mind, body and spirit. Each chakra is associated with a particular body location, a color, a central emotional/behavioural issue, as well as many other personal aspects including identity, goals, rights, etc.

The seven chakras are:-

Muladhara- located at the base of the spine, color is red
Svadhisthana- located at the abdomen, genitals and lower back/hip, color is orange
Manipura- located at the solar plexus, color is yellow
Anahata- located at the heart area, color is green
Vishuddha- located at the throat, color is blue
Ajna- located at the brow, color is indigo
Sahasrara- located at the top of head, cerebral cortex, color is violet

Through the movements and postures of yoga and meditation techniques, it is possible learn to focus your concentration and energy to and from the chakras. Developing this level of focus and concentration allows for compensation for areas that may be out of sync with the rest of the body or areas that are inactive.
By rebalancing the energy among the seven chakras, balance and harmony can be achieved. This spiritual energy is known as Kundalini energy, which, in its dormant state can be visualized as a coiled up snake resting at the base of your spine in the Muladhara chakra.

Chakras regulate the flow of energy through our system, controlled, purposeful movements such as those found in yoga and meditation techniques can be extremely beneficial in realigning or rebalancing chakras  and thus create benefits to for physical and emotional wellbeing.