Reiki is based on a simple methodology; the body has 24 points or chakras, these chakras need to be given energy regularly; this energy is transferred through the hands of the practitioner. The hand is kept over these points for a period of time which ensures adequate energy flow is transferring from the giver to the receiver. While this is happening, these points and the practitioners hands may become warm, and the recipient may feel positive energy within him. Reiki can be administered to many living forms such as plants, animals but is mainly given to people to aid healing.

Effects of Reiki Treatment:

1. Helps release emotional stress: Reiki will release pent up emotions which we may not even be aware of. During treatment, some people may start to cry, feel angry or just smiling, different people will experience different effects but ultimately the effects will be positive.

2. Increased energy levels: People that receive Reiki may feel a spurt of positive energy from within. The person will feel more energised which in turn will make him/her more positive towards himself and other people.

3. Helps heal illness at a primary level:  Sessions may be given to heal colds, fever, bad stomach (IBS), Pre-menstrual symptoms, insect bites, etc.  It works well for small babies and children, as they are naturally full of positive energy. A person should not solely depend on Reiki for treatment and should be used alongside professional advice or treatment.

Apart from the treatments mentioned above, there are also various small purposes for which people will benefit from a  Reiki treatment:

1. Giving Reiki to the plants so that they develop well.

3. Giving Reiki to the pets so that they are calm, healthy and happy.

4. Giving Reiki to oneself before an exam allowing you to perform well.

5. Giving Reiki to a pimple which has come up just before a big event.

As with most things in this world, Reiki should be experienced to be understood and appreciated.

Benefits of Reiki

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