Music Therapy

It is human nature to respond to music in one way or the other. This fact encouraged the use of music in therapies to cure humans from certain disorders. Music therapy is one of the various expressive therapies. It typically consists of an interactive procedure during which a qualified therapist uses a particular type of music to help his clients recover or maintain their health.

Music Therapy in the Modern World

Music therapy is performed with the intent to bring constructive changes in the wellbeing of an individual. The therapeutic benefits of music have been acknowledged since prehistoric era. Even in the modern age, it is getting a wider acclamation. The most noticeable occurrence of music therapy in modern times was when it was used during both WorldWars in the hospitals in United Kingdom where soldiers suffering from emotional or physical trauma were kept. During 1944, The University of Kansas became the first university in the USA to offer a degree programme in music therapy. Nowadays, many academic institutes offer various courses in music therapy.

Effects of Music Therapy on Humans

Recent researches have revealed that music has profound effects on human body as well as psyche: music with a strong beat can spark the brainwaves to reverberate in synchronization with the beat; fluctuations in brainwaves, caused by music trigger other changes in bodily functions such as breathing and heart rates; music can bring a more positive state of mind and also regulate blood pressure, aid immune system and release muscle tension.

Reiki and Music Therapy

Humans associate different types of music with different times, places, people and occasions. This has led some practitioners, associate music with Reiki. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art which requires a Reiki practitioner or Reiki master to remove the negative energies and balance the energies in the recipient to cure him from emotional, mental or physical ailments. Some Reiki practitioners play background music during the session while there are others who do their session in utter quietness. Therefore, playing music during Reiki is not compulsory. Music associated with Reiki is called Reiki music, and is usually soft and gentle in nature. Some practitioners prefer natural sounds such as chirping of birds or cascading of waters while other use instrumental music.As a matter of fact, everyone has a different taste when it comes to music. Forcing someone to listen to relaxation music that he does not like will only cause more stress, not relief.

As Reiki is a spiritual procedure, it needs utmost relaxation and serenity. Therefore, if Reiki music is used during a session, proper attention should be paid before choosing it. Suitable music can help smooth flow of energy during Reiki and boost the results. However, Reiki music can also be listened to on its own, which can be regarded as music therapy.

Music therapy as well as Reiki Healing is an alternate treatment. They work best when used to complement a standard medical treatment. However, using any of these as in place of medical treatment can worsen the condition.

Reiki Music

Reiki, a holistic healing procedure, was originally established in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. Since then, various forms of Reiki have developed and some of them make use of Reiki music. The music can be played on its own or during healing. If played during a healing session, it can enhance the effects of Reiki and the tranquil melodies can take you into a pacific state where energy flows uniformly through the body. If played on its own, Reiki music can put you in a meditative state.

Forms and effects of music

There are various forms of Reiki music. They usually have gentle tunes, but some Reiki masters have experimented with more diverse natured music. For those who do their Reiki without music; simple, gentle and soft music is recommended at the start. Reiki music can be either downloaded from the web or purchased on a CD.

It is believed that music is the language of soul and it can help people relax more quickly. Certain music therapies have been practiced since ancient times. Likewise, Reiki music can also speed up the treatment, however, is not compulsory to be played during a session.

Though Reiki has been practiced for nearly one hundred years, music has been integrated with it quite recently. Therefore, there is not a fixed set of rules to be followed. It all depends on the Reiki master or practitioner. Some practitioners prefer slow music and dim lights while others do their Reiki session in silence. A few Reiki practitioners believe natural sounds, like one produced by waterfalls, are the best form of Reiki music.

There are several forms of music that can be used during Reiki Healing session but fundamentally there are two types of Reiki music: any type of normal music and instrumental music explicitly labelled as Reiki music. Companies selling Reiki music online, offer a sample from the collection to help people choose the suitable genre according to their personal likings. Length of recording is also an important aspect. Most of the Reiki practitioners recommend that Reiki music should run the entire length of a session or at least should last for one hour.

As people like different kinds and genres of music, same goes with Reiki music. There is not a single perfect choice for everyone. The following are most popular types of Reiki music:

Reiki Specific:  There are several albums created specifically for Reiki, and allow the practitioner to synchronise his hand movements with it.

Mediation Specific: These are albums with soothing and relaxing music and are considered good for mediating during Reiki.

Natural Sounds: These albums contain rhythmic natural sounds like sound of waterfalls, oceans or chirping of birds.

Popular Music Not Reiki Specific: There are several main stream albums by top-notch singers that can complement a Reiki healing session.

The Sound of Human Voices: Some people find albums, e.g. choral albums, with a lot of human voices good for meditation.

When it comes to choosing Reiki music, the only thing that matters is personal taste. It is not necessary to learn about different music, simply choose the music that relaxes you.

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