In todays society we barely have any time to sit back, relax and switch off. We live in a materialistic world but most of us do feel something is missing. For some people that missing link is a sense of inner peace and tranquillity

Many people take up meditation, yoga, reiki or travel to tray and find a connection to their inner self. The practice of Reiki helps you find the path to get connected to your inner self and find peace with your soul. Reiki is the transfer of energy from the practitioner to the recipient.

Utilisation of this energy for healing purposes is the essence of Reiki; it consists of natural healing techniques whereby the person that has undergone Reiki training can treat themselves or somebody else through the ‘laying on hands’ technique. The Reiki master will place their hands over the recipients body and allow the positive energies to flow from the Universe into the recipients body.

There are three levels of Reiki:-

First level – The student learns the basics of Reiki and gets attuned to the energy cycles allowing the student to heal themselves. The teacher will teach you to channel the energy flow in the correct way through your body by just placing your palms of your hands in the right way. Reiki leads to a greater sense of balance between you and the Universe.

Second level – it is mainly for people who not only want to heal themselves but also others. Distance healing is introduced at this level, that is the student is taught to heal others even if they are a different geographical location.

Third level or the Masters level – In order to teach Reiki, one needs to be attuned completely and should ideally have several years of practice. It is a big commitment because it becomes your duty to teach others correctly.

The Reiki Symbols


When you are receiving Reiki, people usually experience calmness, peacefulness and happiness and with regular sessions, recipients will feel the dissipation of body aches, migraines, depression, mood swings and insomnia. The are no side effects but many benefits.

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